SUP Gonflable Key West Raptor 12.1

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SUP Gonflable Key West Raptor 12.1
Inflatable SUP Board • Length: 12.1"/ 368.3 cm • Width: 32"/ 81.3 cm • Thickness: 6"/ 15.2 cm • Weight: 10.34 kg • Volume: 351 L • Fins: 3 fins • Max payload: 165 kg


Construction of a Key West Board Inflatable paddleboards don’t have a rigid shell. The deck and bottom of the board are joined together by a weaving of thousands of tiny polyester threads. This technology is called Dropstitch. The outside layer is made of reinforced coated PVC. An additional PVC layer called a stringer adds extra stiffness to the board.

Drop stitch is an amazing material used to build SUP boards, but it has also been used to make floating platforms and even airplane wings! Drop stitch allows to build inflatable SUPs that can be blown up to high pressure, up to 15 psi. This means you get hard board performance along with ease of transport and storage of an inflatable SUP.

Key West chose to equip their boards with next-gen valves. The Raptor paddle board should be blown up to 12 tot 15 psi.

Key West valves are really convenient and easy to use. Manoeuvrable and Rigid Just like any Key West board, the Raptor is extra stable, which is great if you're starting out in standup paddling. Plus, the two PVC layers and the 15 cm thickness provide a lot of rigidity and responsiveness for the more experienced riders.

The Key West Raptor features 3 fins : 2 built-in side fins and one removable centre fin.The side fins are very rugged. In case they bend out of shape while in the transport bag, simply pour hot water on them or use a hair-dryer and reshape them by hand. The centre fin is 10" long and has to be inserted in the box rail and then locked into place with the locking pin.

The pad of a paddleboard is important when it comes to stability and manoeuvrability! The anti-slip pad will help you improve your balance and the crocodile-like skin structure is very soft and comfortable.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Length : 12'1" / 368.3 cm
Width : 32" / 81.3 cm
Thickness : 6"/ 15.2 cm
Volume : 351 L
Max payload : 165 kg
Recommended user weight : 80 to 110 kg